dropletsWe employ industry-leading and patented technology under an exclusive license arrangement to successfully address many of the water-related issues facing the hydraulic fracing industry. We do this by partnering with our clients to create seamless and fully integrated onsite solutions that save time, money and water.

canadaWe are leaders in innovation and technology commercialization and do so by partnering with like-minded technology providers and manufacturers. With deep experience in the oil and gas industry in Canada including in the field and on-site specific expertise in hydraulic fracing, our team of highly-qualified professionals are ready to assist you.

footprintUsing HydroSphere’s Ozonix® technology, our customers can improve operational efficiencies, significantly reduce water purchase costs, trucking and disposal costs, and the costs associated with chemical additives AND significantly reduce environmental impacts. Our clients position themselves as leaders in innovation and reduction of environmental impacts.


Our mission is simple: to treat and clean produced water and frac water in a cost effective, safe, and environmentally sound manner. Our goal is to be the recognized performance leader in Energy Waste Water Treatment and Recycling. We will achieve operational excellence with industry-leading technology and customer satisfaction.


We will strive to build an innovative, forward-thinking business through our employees, equipment and cutting-edge technology, while offering our customers a green, cost-effective alternative to their waste water requirements.

Our Goals

  • Improved water management.
  • Solutions-based enterprise.
  • Superior client-service.
  • Solve our clients’ water-related problems.
  • Improve our clients’ operations.
  • To be as green as we can be.