Water Services

Meeting the challenges of Oil & Gas Industry.

HydroSphere Energy Solutions is committed to understanding our customers’ needs, and providing cost-effective, environmentally-sound solutions to meet those needs.

page-2_flowFlowback Treatment.

We offer a mobile, near-field, environmentally-friendly method of treating flowback and produced fluid for reuse on fracs. Removes waste water transport and disposal costs and improves environmental footprints.

page-2_pretreatFront-End Treatment.

Chemical-free, on-the-fly pretreatment for frac fluid. Eliminate biocide and scale inhibitor from the frac fluid matrix while simplifying the logistics associated with fluid recycling. The systems are designed to treat a blend of challenging waters including high-salinity produced fluids.

page-2_impoundImpoundment Treatment.

The Ozonix® system can be used to treat stagnant pits, lined ponds, and impoundments for bacteria growth and aesthetics. Our powerful and high-rate systems enable treatment of impoundments quickly and the revitalization of fluid in storage.

page-2_customCustomized Ozonix® Solutions.

Ozonix® is modular, chemical-free and capable of very high flow rates – no job is too big. Removes bacteria, scale, organics and hydrogen sulphide. Contact us to discuss a solution that fits your requirements.

IMG_1107Full Service Water Management.

We provide full service water management services including all permitting and liabilities, on site transfers, speed loading and unloading, long distance transfers and all temperature fluid movement.




Our Approach

Understand your frac fluid requirements.
Create a compatible fluid to mix into your frac programs.
Test flowback to understand the water management challenges.
Recycle flowback to reduce fresh water on your next frac.
Test and treat produced water into a compatible fluid, reducing fresh water requirements.
Front-end treatment of water to eliminate liquid chemical biocides, eliminate scale inhibitor, and decrease up to 25% of friction reducers.

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