Fluid Transfer

Providing streamlined water transfer solutions.

Hydrosphere provides source to site to recycle water solutions. Streamlining your job with full service solutions.

infl_efflWater Sourcing.

Hydrosphere is working in collaboration with Aquatera Utilities in Grande Prairie to provide municipal waste water to the hydraulic fracturing business.  The Clairmont, Sexsmith, Rycroft, and Grande Prairie lagoon effluent is now available.  Water is treated and free of bacteria, coliforms, and is at an environmentally safe discharge specification.  In addition to these water sources, Hydrosphere has a team dedicated to sourcing water for all applications.


Our permit team simplifies the regulatory requirement to transfer water to your location.  Required permits include; Temporary Work Authority (TWA), Temporary Field Authority (TFA), and Temporary Diversion License (TDL).


We offer six and eight inch lay flat diversion lines unto 25km.  Our experienced team is able to safely deploy unto 8km of line per day with minimal man power.  Included in our transfer services we offer Hot Load and Unload services, as well as onsite transfer unto 12m3/min.


C-Ring set-up and rental is available through our transfer division.  Deploying C-rings from 3,000m3 to 6,600m3 to meet your storage requirements.

3 bottlesOzonix Water Treatment.

Hydrosphere specializes in providing an economical solution to recycling produced water, flowback water, and municipal waste water.  Removing Hydrogen Sulphide, Inhibiting Scaling Tendencies, and controlling Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) and Acid Producing Bacteria (APB)




Our Approach

Work with your planning department to understand your requirements and bring solutions.
Source water and pull applicable permits.
Identify storage requirements and execute.
Transfer water, hot load and unload and onsite transfer.
Treat front end fluids for bacteria and scaling tendencies. Treat back end fluid for H2S and other harmful constituents.
Recycle harmful fluids, and create a safe, frac compatible fluid for your next frac.

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