Scale-Inhibition and Corrosion Control


Scale typically occurs when minerals in produced water surpass saturation limits as pressures and temperatures change. Both scale buildup and corrosion can take a variety of forms, but when found in and on pipes, wells, tubing and equipment, the results are largely the same; reductions in flow rates, production and efficiency losses, and often damaged equipment and replacement costs. Across industries, effective water and wastewater treatment programs must take scale-inhibition and corrosion control into account to safeguard productivity, protect assets, and mitigate risks.

Quantified Scale Reduction

Hydrosphere has the technology to address some of the most challenging scale and corrosion challenges in the world Рcleanly and cost effectively.  Our technology is an Advanced Oxidation Process that has been proven effective through independent laboratory tests and the billions of gallons of wastewater that have already been recycled and re-used in the oil and natural gas industry to control corrosion and inhibit scale formation across a broad range of minerals, eliminating costly biocides and reducing scale inhibitors needed for corrosion control.

Proven Dynamic Tube-Blocking Tests

Test A was on Produced Fluid Approx. 150,000 ppm TDS Treated at 200 bbl/hr.

Block Test !












Test B was on Flowback Fluid Approx. 10,000 ppm TDS Treated at 140 BBLs/Hr.

Dynamic Tube Blocking Test B











Dynamic Tube Blocking Tests Conducted by Weatherford Labs in Houston, TX.